Transition & Transaction Advisory

Inspired to make your next deal a great one

Due diligence is important for making big decisions.

Before buying a business, make sure the math adds up to guarantee you make an informed decision. Business advisors can help with:

 - Comprehensive due diligence reporting including a quality of earnings report, quality of revenues and revenue recognition, add-backs and EBITDA adjustments proposed by seller, estimates, quality of working capital, tax matters and state and local tax reporting, inventory valuation, earn-out considerations, cyber security, technology limitations

 - A financial analysis to better understand daily operational and financial questions

 - A forensics examination or background check to uncover the risks and opportunities associated with an acquisition

 - An analysis of tax ramifications

We know that each transaction is unique. Whether you’re a buyer, private equity group or an attorney, we use a customized team approach to assist with each step. Our specialists are well versed in merger and acquisition advisory, tax, valuation, forensics, technology and risk management. This in-depth and diverse knowledge enables us to empower our clients with the information they need. We aim to provide objective, timely and cost-efficient services throughout the buying process.

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