Mergers and Acquisitions


The right transaction plan can save you tax dollars.

Restructuring, merging, selling and/or acquiring another business is a complicated process with obstacles to overcome and considerations to save both time and moneynot to mention emotional capital. Knowing if your transaction is taxable or tax-free, and if it's a sale of assets or stock sale, can help ensure tax compliance and tax reporting requirements associated with the transaction.


Reviewing purchase agreements, SEC filings, board minutes, organizational charts, cap tables and other professional advisor opinions can be overwhelming and confusing. However, failing to report the transaction accurately or file a required document can put the transaction and expected tax consequences at risk. A transaction plan can help. 

Eide Bailly's National Tax Office professionals make it a point to stay abreast of the constantly changing transaction tax landscape. We engage in restructuring transactions for the benefit of our clients and maintain a working knowledge of M&A rules, as well as transaction reporting requirements.

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Carolyn Linkov

Principal – National Tax Office


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