Capital Expenditures


Take advantage of the deductions you deserve.

Your business likely has purchased, acquired or is charged with maintaining fixed assets such as land, buildings and equipment. Accounting for the costs associated with these assets can be tricky and confusing. Adding to the complexity of these decisions are all the deductions and beneficial programs you are supposed to know about, with catchy names like bonus depreciation, Section 179, depreciation recovery periods, repair regulations, etc.


Working with professionals who understand the capital expenditure rules can help you take advantage of the deductions available to your business and provide you with advice to make sound business decisions.

Our team of experienced professionals offers tailored solutions to meet your needs. We leverage the knowledge of our National Tax Office as well as our many resources across the firm with specific industry expertise to deliver services that can help boost your bottom line.   

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Andrea B. Mouw

Partner-in-Charge of Accounting Methods and Periods


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