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We remove the second guessing.

New state tax rules and regulations are enacted each year, leaving you second guessing as to whether or not you are in compliance, overpaying your taxes and/or making informed decisions. If you've found yourself in a bind, an experienced professional can represent you as you deal with your tax issues throughout the U.S. In addition, they can help you find ways to pay less taxes, stay in compliance and work more efficiently.  That help can include:


 - State Registration Assistance

 - State Inquiry/Notice Response Assistance

 - Taxability Studies

 - Nexus Studies

 - State Income Tax Return Review

 - Apportionment Assistance

 - Exemption Certificate Monitoring

 - Unclaimed Property Compliance

 - Sales/Use Tax Returns

 - Income/Franchise Tax Returns

 - Registration Assistance

Our sales and local tax professionals are here to help you navigate taxes. We conduct state and local tax research and provide tailored training to meet your needs.  We work with you and your employees to make sure you have the support you need to comply whether that's training, tools, flowcharts, or written guides on relevant topics. 

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John Gupta

Principal-in-Charge of State and Local Tax


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