Sales and Use Tax Process Review


Make sales and use tax filing an easier process.

Looking for a solution to make complying with sales and use tax filing easier and more accurate?  A sales and use tax process review may be the answer. A process review is just what it sounds like—a review of your current processes. This includes:

 - Analyzing filed tax returns

 - Evaluating sales and use tax software programs

 - Conducting personnel interviews


The review paints a clear picture of the facts, highlights areas of concern, and reveals next steps to resolve issues and improve processes. It also ensures that you're not overpaying taxes.


Sales and use tax process reviews often aren’t a priority until it’s time for an audit, but you can get ahead of the game and take a proactive approach to set up the appropriate processes before you’re scrambling for a plan!

We tailor our approach to help you with your specific needs by developing process manuals, memorandums, conducting employee trainings and if needed, assisting in the selection and implementation of software compliance systems.  We can also conduct reverse sales and use tax audits to secure tax refunds if you've overpaid your tax.

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John Gupta

Principal-in-Charge of State and Local Tax


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