Penalty Abatement: State Audit Assistance


Resolve your compliance issues and possibly save money.

Working with government entities can be confusing. State audits and examinations can take years to resolve, and response timing is crucial. If the state questions a position you take on a tax return, there are many tax issues and procedures that must be evaluated to build the best case supporting your position. The process can be complex, so experienced specialists can help. 

State and Local Tax professionals, paired with IRS Dispute Resolution specialists, can guide you through state examinations. Support and swift communication with state and federal governments allows you to continue business as usual without unnecessary interruptions.

Our professionals get it—they've worked in the State Tax Office, with the IRS and in industry. Eide Bailly's SALT team will guide you through responding to state letters, examinations and appeals ensuring you have the support you need to feel confident in your position and response.

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Lauren Taylor

Tax Senior Manager


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