Exemption Certificate Monitoring


The right tool makes certificate management more efficient.

Are you selling products and services in multiple states? In many cases, you need to collect sales tax unless you have an exemption certificate. Tracking these certificates can be stressful, and many tax and penalties are the result of not being able to produce a certificate, outdated forms and incomplete or inaccurate certificates. Not having a valid certificate at the time of a sales tax audit can be costly.


An exemption certificate tracking tool can increase accuracy and compliance, manage risk, and save time and money, by automatically validating, storing and managing exemption certificates. A robust system will even generate notices when exemptions are about to expire. A solid tracking tool means less time an auditor will spend in your office.

Our Exemption Certificate Monitoring Tool can help you better manage and retrieve your exemption certificates in one central location. Our dedicated State and Local Tax team has years of experience working with clients to better manage their exemption certificates and all of their sales tax needs. We'll work to create solutions and resources to allow you to focus on what's important to you. 

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