Delinquent Returns & Voluntary Disclosures


Take the opportunity to come into state and local tax compliance.

If you owe back taxes or have failed to file required returns, an amnesty program can provide a window of opportunity to come into compliance. Unlike voluntary disclosure agreements, amnesty is offered by states during short periods of time and with limited availability and allows you to take control of your audit


Professionals can negotiate an often anonymous settlement on behalf of your company that minimizes tax and interest and may waive penalties. These agreements allow you to put to rest prior exposure by limiting your statute of limitation to a defined period while getting into compliance with state and local tax rules. Voluntary disclosure agreements are a legal contract, binding with a jurisdiction that allows you to settle your dispute and carry forward in full compliance.

Eide Bailly can help determine if an amnesty program or voluntary disclosure is right for and available to you. Our professionals will walk you through the requirements, process, registrations and arrearage returns. With your approval and input, we'll negotiate on your behalf to ensure the best possible outcome.    

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John Gupta

Principal-in-Charge of State and Local Tax


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