International Penalty Mitigation


The right team can help streamline your process.

Are you in the midst of an international tax mess? Filing the appropriate forms by their due date can be overwhelming. And, filing international tax forms incorrectly can cost you huge penalties.


Often times, countries will allow you to complete a voluntary disclosure to reduce or remove penalties with reasonable cause. But with adequate planning, you can avoid the risk of international penalties when you become a foreign national.


If you’re in an international tax mess with possible penalties owed or you want to do advanced tax planning to avoid penalties, an experienced controversy and international tax professional can help.

Our team understands international tax law and tax governing bodies, including the IRS. We'll work with you to complete the necessary tax forms, and when you find yourself in trouble, we'll generate reasonable cause statements to support your position and try to get penalties reduced and/or removed. Our experienced tax controversy team will support you every step of the way. 

Confused about your international filing obligations and/or know you're not in compliance? Let us know a few of the details and we will try to help.

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Ben J. Peeler

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