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Working globally, it can be difficult to stay informed and keep rules and regulations straight, especially in a foreign country. Often times, specific expertise in the countries where you operate and/or have sales, including language fluency, can help ease the burden and the conversation headaches of determining the right course of action.


International tax desks are a great way to gain insight about foreign tax laws and customs via bilingual professionals. Through access to a global network, you can expect seamless integration between your home base and foreign branch.

Eide Bailly will connect you with the relevant information you need to help your company stay in compliance and aware of the constantly changing international tax landscape. Our dedicated team has the expertise and skills to help you be proactive about your international tax needs. We have Chinese, Latin American and Canadian tax desks, and as a top 25 CPA firm in the nation, we deliver personal, attentive service backed by the resources of a global network.

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Shannon M. Lemmon

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