International Tax for Employers


Planning minimizes your global tax burden and keeps you compliant.

Managing your global mobility program is a challenging task. You're charged with ensuring the seamless relocation of employees, corporate integration and answering employee questions about working internationallyamong many other things. Some of your tax considerations and headaches that could benefit from proper guidance include:

  • Assignment structure and planning
  • Mobility tax and assignment cost projections
  • Coordination and payment of home and host country taxes
  • Writing and review of tax reimbursement policies
  • Review of home and host country compensation and payroll reporting for expatriate and foreign national employees
  • Tax treaty planning and consulting
  • Tax analysis and estimates
  • Coordination and preparation of the proper tax filings and equalization calculations

Our experienced international tax professionals can assist global mobility programs by offering a broad range of inbound and outbound international tax services. We help you and your employees prepare for and stay in compliance with international tax rules and regulations when working abroad, so you can focus on growing your business, not tax forms.

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Jared G Johnson

Director of Global Mobility Services


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Partner-in-Charge of International Tax


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