Inbound International Tax Planning


Maximize profitability when you expand into the U.S.

Is your company planning an expansion into the U.S.? Understanding how U.S. tax regulations apply to your operation and your employees allows you to maximize profitability and ensure compliance.


Expanding in a tax-efficient manner requires deep knowledge of U.S. tax laws to help you minimize your tax liability and confidently enter the U.S. market. An experienced professional can help you with:

 - Tax efficient structuring

 - Double tax treaty planning 

 - Global mobility

 - U.S. tax reporting for foreign-owned companies and branch operations and assistance with obtaining US EINs for new entities

 - U.S. taxable presence assessment

 - Foreign Investment in Real Property Act (FIRPTA)

 - Earning stripping

 - Branch profits tax

 - Branch level interest

 - Disposition planning

Our experienced international tax professionals can help you understand the U.S. tax landscape before your business enters the market and will help you carry out your plans, efficiently. We help you manage your international tax position, ensure legal compliance and maximize profitability.

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Shannon M. Lemmon

Partner-in-Charge of International Tax


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