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Your assets are an often-overlooked key to a lower tax burden.

When it comes to tax depreciation, most assets are simply assigned a life based on the book capitalization policy. However, this often leads to overcapitalization, loss of tax savings and potential compliance risks.

Fixed Asset Planning takes a holistic approach to your tax depreciation and leverages your past, present and future asset additions to maximize deductions on an asset-by-asset basis. Eide Bailly will diagnose your current fixed asset policy and help plan for several issues such as repair and maintenance, partial dispositions, cost segregation and componentization, bonus treatments, ghost assets, energy efficient deductions and the overall fixed asset management system used to implement a sound tax depreciation strategy.

Eide Bailly can create or enhance your tax depreciation strategy to help you find those deductions that may be hidden within your fixed asset listing. Our team consists of accounting and construction professionals that specialize in understanding how ever-changing tax law can work towards your tax saving objectives.

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