Reinstatement of Exempt Status


Exempt status reinstatement is easy with the right help.

Have you received a letter from the IRS revoking your exempt status? Failing to file Form 990 for three consecutive years can result in revocation of exempt status. Losing your tax-exempt status means you are no longer exempt from federal and state income tax, various state and local taxes and no longer eligible for tax deductible contributions.


In order to be retroactively reinstated, you must:

1. Complete the appropriate forms as well as annual returns for the three years in which you failed to file

2. Write a letter explaining reasonable cause

3. Submit all forms and applicable fees


To avoid common mistakes, it’s important to discuss your situation and specific circumstances with someone who is familiar with the reinstatement rules before beginning the reinstatement process.

Our professionals know how to best address your situation because we've seen it all. We'll make it easy; we can help you compile the appropriate information, come up with an applicable reasonable cause statement, and file the necessary paperwork. After you've been reinstated, we can assist with filing your annual returns, so you can avoid having exemption revoked.

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Kim C. Hunwardsen

Partner-in-Charge of Tax-Exempt Organizations


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