Analysis of Activities & Corporate Structure


The correct nonprofit structure depends on your business activities.

Your nonprofit's exempt status is crucial to fulfilling your mission. It's important to consider how your business operations and corporate structure affect your tax status and your overall tax situation. There are a number of organization structures that can be used in conducting operations both individually and with other entities, and each structure has its own tax, legal and operational considerations. Understanding the difference between exempt mission-related activities and unrelated activities, and the relative size of each, can be important when looking at alternative structures. Understanding how various transactions between organizations should be structured is also important. Tax professionals can help you consider the right corporate structure to maximize your success.

We've worked with nonprofits of all shapes and sizes, so we understand the common challenges you may be facing. We can help you consider the right operating structure to give you the best financial, tax and legal answer. We will help you ensure activities are structured in a manner that ensures your tax exempt status is in good standing and minimize tax impacts.

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Kim C. Hunwardsen

Partner-in-Charge of Tax-Exempt Organizations


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