Spend less time managing your data infrastructure and more time getting your data in the hands of your team with a data platform built for the cloud.

The Value of Snowflake Cloud Data Platform

Centralize all of your data for a single source of truth that is easy to share across teams, vendors and data visualization tools.
Scale and manage spikes with unlimited speed with Snowflake’s separation of storage and compute services.
Fast time-to-value with no hardware to maintain, less maintenance, and a “pay as you use” Snowflake compute model.
Enable better, quicker business decisions at your top-level, backed by complete access to your data and unlimited queries for robust analysis.

What Our Clients Say

Is Snowflake Right for You?

Your Data Goals

  • You have large data sets with terabytes of data.
  • Your database contains hundreds of millions of rows.
  • You want to perform big data queries with complex calculations, aggregating data from large data sets and performing multiple calculations quickly.

Your Organizational Needs

  • You want to reduce your current infrastructure and administrative burden.
  • You need elasticity in your solution and the ability to perform on-demand computing.
  • You’d rather pay for what you use than be locked into a subscription tier.

What We Offer

Snowflake Data Platform

One of the great features of Snowflake is that it was built to be a data platform. This means that its use can vary by your specific needs. For some, this may be a cloud data warehouse. But for others, Snowflake can be leveraged as their data lake. What’s the difference between a data lake and a data warehouse?

What is a Data Lake?


  • Data Centralization
  • Transactional
  • Raw, Unchanged Data

Common Uses

  • Auditing
  • Data Science
  • Supporting APIs and Business Applications


  • IT Focus
  • Low Number of Users
  • Highly Technical Skill Set

What is a Data Warehouse?


  • Data Accuracy
  • Accessibility
  • Actionality
  • Organization

Common Uses

  • No Code Analysis
  • Custom Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Scorecards


  • Business Focus
  • High Number of Users
  • Less Technical Skill Set

Don’t Forget the Strategy

Snowflake is clearly a powerful, easy-to-use cloud data platform. But don’t forget about your data strategy.

You’ve picked the right technology to help address your organization’s data needs. Now let Eide Bailly come in and define your data structure. Our team has been pioneers in the data warehousing space for more than a decade. We have extensive experience helping businesses of all sizes and industries organize their data so Snowflake can be fully leveraged and successful.

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