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There’s no point in having advanced data tools if they don’t talk to each other. We will make sure that all of your data sources are integrated so that you get the most accurate picture of your data. Whether your data requires a more robust integration effort, tying your core systems together, or if Alteryx can be leveraged to blend your data, we have the expertise to guide you on your data management needs.

Our team of professionals will take a holistic view of your processes, your needs and your goals to ensure that Alteryx is the right solution for you. Then we will provide training so that your team has in-depth knowledge of how to automate their processes with Alteryx.

Process Building
In the case of one large manufacturing client, Eide Bailly was able to build a workflow in Alteryx that previously took them a month to complete. Alteryx was then able to complete that process in 30 seconds. When we transferred the licenses to the client, they were then able to complete the same process every month. We will take the time to build out your workflows in Alteryx so that your processes are automated and seamless with the click of a button. And, if you get stuck, we are always on standby to help with more advanced tasks.

Data Warehousing
Depending on your data needs and structure, our team of experienced data professionals can also help you identify and implement a data lake or warehouse to “house” your valuable data sources. This makes the leap from Alteryx to a robust data visualization tool like Tableau a breeze. Combine your complex reconciliation and processes with Alteryx’s dynamic workflows, house your data in Snowflake for storage and computing organization, and then leverage Tableau data visualization to build advanced analytic dashboards and reports to drive your business forward.

Not Just for You

Not only do we recommend Alteryx to our clients, we use Alteryx to improve our auditors’ efficiency.  Processes that once took hours (or even days) of billable hours are automated, resulting in saved time and dollars for our clients. Alteryx is a finance team’s best friend, taking the spreadsheet mayhem and data integrity concerns out of complex reconciliations and month-end processes.

From your data warehouse to your data visualization tool, we’ve got you covered.

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