Take control of your business planning, budgeting, and forecasting with the leading cloud-based business analytics solution built for finance and management teams.





Don't rely on those stagnate spreadsheet for your budgeting, forecasting, and reporting. Gain real-time insights and boost collaboration with Adaptive Insights integrated cloud solution.



Empower your finance and management team with powerful dashboards and visual insights.



Improve efficiency and accuracy with easy, integrated financial consolidation.

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Adaptive Planning

You don’t have to rely on spreadsheets anymore for budgeting, forecasting and reporting. Gain real-time insights and boost collaboration with the Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud.

  • Reduce the planning cycle time up to 90%
  • Decrease errors and improve data integrity with automatic aggregation
  • Improve transparency with audit trail, version control, and analysis tools
  • Collaborate with integrated workflow and process management
  • Model time with a universal and completely configurable calendar
  • Plan each facet of your business in a different time granularity, but roll it all up to see a unified view of all plans
  • Visualize insights with analytics, embedded throughout the planning and reporting process

Adaptive Discovery

Monitor your business performance with self-service interactive dashboards, visualizations and charts that allow you to see personalized information in a way that’s meaningful to you and other members of your team.

  • Create waterfall charts with variance analysis and dimensions to understand plan-to-actual revenue and cost variances broken down by sub-accounts, dimension or time
  • Explore changes in KPIs over time
  • Perform ad hoc analytics and slice and dice your data, leveraging all the dimensions and hierarchies of your model
  • See what data stands out from the norms with conditional formatting
  • Add your own calculations to a chart
Adaptive Insights 

Adaptive Consolidation

Improve your financial team’s efficiency and accuracy with real actuals thanks to Adaptive Insight’s closed-loop process encompassing planning, budgeting, forecasting and reporting. Adaptive Insights’ consolidation capabilities provide you with a fast, intuitive, easy-to-deploy, and flexible financial consolidation system to help you:

  • Streamline the consolidation process by reducing manual effort and errors
  • Collaborate more effectively with intuitive process tracking
  • Maximize distribution of financial results by enabling real self-service
  • Comply with GAAP and IFRS reporting standards
  • Deploy multi-currency models

Benefits of Adaptive Insights

  • Enhanced Forecasting: By leveraging historical trends, current conditions and scenarios, decision-makers can more accurately forecast what may come next. Imagine being able to plan a range of forecasts covering different market trends.
  • Advanced Analytics: Interactive dashboards and data visualizations can drive real results for your business. By enabling self-service, you can empower your time while spending more time advising and less time compiling numbers.
  • Organized Planning: By combining your ERP and Adaptive Insights, silos are eliminated as teams from different departments work together across a single source of truth. Say goodbye to traditional version control chaos.

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