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Discover investigative and cost-effective eDiscovery management.

Conducting eDiscovery management collects and processes relevant electronic information, including:

 - Data culling/filtering

 - Privilege filtering with privilege log

 - Processing

 - Load file creation

 - File conversion

 - Bates numbering

 - Redacting

 - Archiving data for litigation


Certified eDiscovery management specialists with backgrounds in technology and computer forensics can take an investigative approach to preserving your client’s data, while still staying within scope and proportionality without compromising the integrity that the evidence rules provide. This can give you an advantage in civil litigation.

Our certified eDiscovery specialists have backgrounds in eDiscovery and computer forensics, and we use an hourly rate for processing and a flat-fee hosting service, rather than charging by the page or gigabyte. This means your data is handled efficiently and cost-effectively, with the investigative approach you need to maximize its use in litigation.

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