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Cost-effective cell phone forensics makes a difference in many cases.

As technology has progressed over the last few decades, one of the most important and most personal items that we all carry today are our cell phones. Our cell phones hold our pictures, videos, calendars, contacts and don’t forget all of our text messages. Volumes could be written on the number of apps that are available to us today in almost every category that can be thought of. The cell phone or smartphone is the single largest piece of evidence overlooked in the eDiscovery process. Cell phones and mobile devices offer more information about a person than any other piece of electronic evidence.

Cell phone forensics or mobile device forensics is an ever-evolving science that requires a constant adaptation to technology and knowlege of what to look for across different makes and models. Whether it is an iPhone, Android, Windows phone or a Chinese knock-off phone, our court-certified expert witnesses have the experience and tools to get your data back, viewable on eDiscovery platforms, preserved for use in court and more. Our examiners use tools including Cellebrite, MPE+ and IEF.

We offer many different forms of reports to our clients. One of the most common and most popular is the UFED Reader report for mobile devices. Please click here to view our tutorial video on the UFED Reader.

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Trent Leavitt

Computer Forensics Manager


Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

Computer Forensics Manager