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Cost-effective mobile forensics make a difference in many cases.

Our smartphones are one of the most important and most personal items we carry today. Our phones hold:

  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Calendars
  • Contacts
  • Emails
  • Call logs
  • Social media channels
  • Internet browsing history

In fact, cellphones and mobile devices offer more information about a person than just about anything else. Given the amount of content and information on our smartphones, it’s no wonder security is a common issue. It’s also no wonder they’re a critical piece of evidence in a legal proceeding.

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Mobile forensics takes time and training. It’s also incredibly necessary if you want to use evidence in your court case. We can help

The Impact of Mobile Forensics in Your Legal Proceeding
When an investigation is necessary, mobile forensics can turn a phone into a valuable witness. After all, the amount of data stored on a phone can offer an immense amount of information about a person. In fact, cellphones often tell us more about a person than any other piece of evidence, making them one of the most critical components in a court proceeding.

A key issue many attorneys face in litigation is the admissibility of forensic data. When a piece of digital evidence is used in court, how it was collected must be defensible. In other words, opposing counsel has to be convinced nothing was altered. Without the proper documentation and preservation methods, a cellphone is of no use in a court case.

That’s where mobile forensics comes into play. Through the use of third-party forensic professionals and mobile forensic tools, the cellphone becomes an integral piece of evidence in the eDiscovery process, providing critical analysis for investigations.

How Mobile Forensics Help Uncover the Facts in a Court Case
Mobile forensics focuses on the collection of data from cellphones and tablets. This includes deleted text messages, apps, social media, call logs, internet search history and more.

Mobile forensic professionals can aid a court case by extracting and preserving data available on a mobile device. They conduct forensic imaging, create mobile forensic reports, serve as expert witnesses in legal cases and extract and recover mobile and digital data.

How to Extract Mobile Forensic Data
Mobile forensic professionals utilize two different types of extractions:

1: Logical extractions, where all information found on an operating system is extracted.

2: Physical extraction, where all information found on an operation system is extracted, as well as the unallocated space.

Unallocated space is critical because it represents the space not viewable to a computer user and requires special extraction software and training to view and analyze. This is where a professional cellphone or mobile forensic expert comes in.

What to Look for In a Top Mobile Forensic Firm
Cellphone forensics or mobile forensics is an ever-evolving science that requires a constant adaptation to technology, software, security and knowledge of what to look for across different phone makes, models and systems. Whether it's an iPhone, Android, Windows phone or other, a top mobile forensic professional will be trained on how to:

  • Get your data back
  • View your data on an eDiscovery platform
  • Preserve your data for use in an investigation or court case

Further, top mobile forensic firms will know how to not only extract and preserve your data in accordance with the necessary court requirements, but also how to help showcase this information.

Eide Bailly’s Mobile and Digital Forensic Expertise
Eide Bailly has trained cellphone and mobile forensic professionals whose sole focus is helping you uncover the information you need, even if it’s deleted. We are leading innovators in the digital, computer and mobile forensic space. We currently support more than 23,000 devices and nearly 5,000 app versions. Our examiners work in Cellebrite, MPE+ and IEF and make data viewable on eDiscovery review platforms.

Learn More: One of the most common and most popular reports we provide our clients comes from the UFED Reader report for mobile devices.

Our professionals have experience in both technology and computer and mobile forensics so you not only get the data you need, but also important and relevant information for your litigation needs.

We can help find the digital fingerprint necessary to prove your case. Further, we ensure you have data that is admissible in a court of law. Our approach focuses on continual communication and timely response, prioritizing investigation and forensic preservation of the mobile data you need.

But this expertise doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. We work with clients to create cost-effective eDiscovery and mobile forensic plans to help meet their needs. Your data will be handled efficiently and cost-effectively, all with investigative expertise.

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