ACA Compliance


The ACA is complicated enough. Don't add unnecessary penalties.

Confused about the Affordable Care Act and whether or not your business is subject to "pay or play" penalties?  You're not alone. The ACA has been a work in progress since its inception, and has had many rule changes and modified deadline announcements. Keeping the rules straight and complying with the ACA without adequate staffing can leave you overwhelmed when trying to remember which forms to file and when. These forms are what the IRS uses to determine if your business is subject to the "pay or play" penalties for not offering adequate health coverage, so filing correctly can save you time and money.

Eide Bailly has taken a lead role in working with employers on ACA compliance. Our team has the experience and knowledge to help you every step of the way. Our health care reform specialists can give you a better understanding of the requirements and can assist you in filing—whether you're an applicable large employer or a small business with a self-funded insurance plan.

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