Fraud & Forensic Advisory

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Preventing fraud can save time, money and improve employee morale.

There are many actions an organization can take to safeguard against fraud. Fraud prevention professionals can help you pinpoint where your risks are and then advice on internal controls and employee programs to avoid potentially fraudulent activity. Professionals work with you to determine your unique needs and decide which of the following or a combination of these services will yield the best results:

 - Internal Controls Examinations

 - Fraud Risk Assessments

 - Forensic Data Analytics

 - Fraud Awareness Training

 - Background Checks/Forensic Investigative Due Diligence

 - Fraud Hotline

Our forensic accountants have the investigative techniques and technical skills needed to help you detect, investigate and prevent fraud. We work closely with you and your staff in a friendly, supportive manner to understand and examine your internal controls and provide recommendations. Our comprehensive reports can form the basis for strengthening your internal controls and improving fraud prevention efforts across your organization.

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Jason W. Olson



Jeremy G. Bendewald

Principal, Director of Forensic Services