Cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly more common, as is its risk for theft and embezzlement.

What We Offer

Digital Forensics

Utilize investigative technology and forensic analysis to extract and preserve digital data for your court case or fraud proceedings.

Cellphone Forensics

The data and personal content in our cellphones can tell a lot about us. That’s why they’re a critical piece of evidence in litigation and fraud matters. Our team can help you uncover and extract what you need to find resolution.

eDiscovery Management

eDiscovery focuses on preserving, investigating and presenting electronically stored information necessary to your legal case. Our state-of-the-art technology and software will give you access to critical information when you need it most.

Forensic Accounting

Accounting, calculations, digital forensics and investigative skills all combine to help you uncover the facts about your fraud or forensic case to help document financial damages and crime.

Forensic Data Analytics

Perform multiple analyses on large amounts of data to detect anomalies, expose vulnerabilities and mitigate your exposure to fraud risk.

Attorney & Corporate Consulting

Litigation involving finances is complex and often requires deep, specialized expertise in fraud, financial law, economic damages, forensics, business valuation and more. Let us help compile the evidence and data for your case and provide expert witness testimony.

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