Virtual Information Security Officer (vISO)



Cyber risk is business risk, be confident that your business is secure.

Organizational culture is a key driver in protecting against cyberattacks, and culture is driven from the top down. There are some very important executive decisions that drive good cybersecurity hygiene in well-run, well-protected companies. That’s not to say that well-run companies do not get breached, but all signs indicate that if certain things are done from the top down, the effects and cost of defending against and recovering from data breaches can be reduced substantially.

Could you survive having all operations shut down, dealing with fearful customers and having millions of dollars spent on operating without incoming revenue?

This could be your reality after a breach. Survival is directly related to leadership, execution, and sustainability of key cybersecurity practices.

Eide Bailly’s Virtual Information Security Officer (vISO) is a collection of cybersecurity services that provide the guidance and activities typically conducted by an internal information technology (IT) security leader. These engagements begin with an executive workshop designed to facilitate strategic discussion within the executive team. This discussion helps prioritize business objectives and risks to ensure the organization’s cybersecurity strategy is appropriately aligned.

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Anders Erickson

Principal-in-Charge of Cybersecurity


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This document outlines the cybersecurity services that Eide Bailly offers its clients. These services are subject to change without notification.
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