Cyber Security

Inspired to create a culture of security

The right expertise to help secure your company’s data.

Ensuring safety from cyber threats is an organization-wide responsibility, starting at the top. While your expertise has empowered your business to grow to great heights, the challenge of cyber security can seem overwhelming. Instead of trusting the safety of your organization's data to chance, work with an outsourced Vitrual Information Security Officer (vISO) to safeguard your business. 

The Eide Bailly vISO Services Bundle includes the following: 
- Cyber Security Compass Risk Assessment (conducted annually)
- External Vulnerability Scans (conducted semi-annually)
- Employee Phishing Tests (conducted quarterly)
- Cyber Security Awareness Emails (distributed monthly) 
- Presentation to Your Organization's Leadership (performed annually)

Our cyber security team brings together the skillsets and experience from our risk advisory, technology consulting and digital forensic service areas to deliver the tools and resources businesses need to create an organization-wide culture of security through the appropriate preventative, detective and responsive measures.

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Anders Erickson

Senior Manager