Tax Valuations


The importance of an objective valuation cannot be overstated.

Regulations for companies are growing stricter as extensive updates to new and existing guidance is rolled out. This results in more and more valuation analysis being required for tax reporting, such as: 

· 409A Equity Valuation
· Covenant not to Compete Valuation
· Purchase Price Allocations
· Stock Based Compensation
· Tax Restructuring Valuation
· Charitable Contributions
· Business Interest, Partnership Interest, and Equity Valuation
· Estate and Gift Tax Valuation
· C Corporation to S Corporation Valuation

Eide Bailly's business valuation and analytics team has the unique skillsets necessary to deliver an objective valuation analysis for your business. We combine our financial expertise and deep understanding of the marketplace with the most effective data analysis to ensure your valuation is a success. 

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