Review & Compilation


No requirement or time for an audit? Consider a review or compilation.

While many businesses are required to have an audit of their financial statements, under the right circumstances, many may only need a review of their financial statements. While a review engagement does not offer the same level of assurance as an audit, it is often a sufficient and more efficient solution.


Similarly, when a business only needs to have their financial information prepared in the format of financial statements without providing additional assurance, a compilation engagement is a very timely and cost efficient alternative.


Both of these engagements offer an attractive option while still having qualified professionals with experience in your industry involved in your financial statements and business.

Our audit and assurance professionals know the ins and outs of the various levels of financial statements services – audit, review and compilation engagements. Our experienced accountants dedication the time understand your business, not only ensuring that your financial statements are properly presented in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), but also resulting in an efficient process and meaningful feedback related to your financial statements and your business.

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Scot R. Phillips

Partner-in-Charge of Audit & Assurance


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