Innovative Tax Strategies for Manufacturers and Distributors

Accurately recognizing revenue is vital to a company’s performance and success. The new ASC 606 standard has changed the rules on the way revenue is recognized. Its impact is far reaching across industry and business size. The new regulation has implications for the entire contract cycle of a business and will be felt by various departments, not just accounting.

Compliance, while frustrating and time consuming, is necessary for your business. We’ve developed an eBook to help you navigate the waters of revenue recognition and how it can be applied to your business.

Check out Five Steps to Understanding the New Revenue Recognition Standards. In it you’ll find:

  1. An explanation of the changes between the old and new rules
  2. A 5-step process to help you implement the regulation
  3. To-Do’s and next steps for your company

Ready to get started?

5-step Infographic

  • Need a high level overview of the steps to understanding revenue recognition? Download the infographic for easy access.

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