Brook T. Schaub



“Electronic data has become the rolodex, diary, file cabinet, social activity and microscope into people’s lives. Armed with that understanding, we are fully equipped to solve our clients’ most challenging cases that involve electronically stored information.”


Brook is a no-nonsense kind of guy, which is exactly what Eide Bailly was looking for in 2010 when Brook joined the firm’s forensics accounting team in Minneapolis. His experience and expertise in licensed law enforcement and computer forensics is impressive, if not downright intimidating. Brook was the driving force behind the Minnesota Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and is frequently published in a variety of International association newsletters, Bar association journals and law enforcement periodicals. He’s a true professional and an invaluable asset to Eide Bailly and our clients.

When you work with Brook, you can expect three things in no uncertain terms: honest value, ethical billings and realistic results. He has one job, and that is to solve your problems as quickly and as efficiently as possible—and in such a way as to mitigate the chances of those problems occurring again in the future.

When he’s not conducting an investigation on behalf of a client, you’ll find Brook … investigating a variety of off-the-beaten-path destinations. He has a love for “unusual travel,” as he calls it. Whether it’s a conference in Istanbul or Capetown, drinking vodka with a police colonel in Russia, or teaching a class in Australia, Bulgaria or Oman, Brook’s passport is filled with stamps from a quarter of the world’s countries, all of which add great depth to his understanding and appreciation of the world and its inhabitants.



High Technology Crime Investigation Association
Necrosearch International
National Law Center for Children and Families – Law Enforcement Advisory, past Board member
Association of Certified Fraud Investigators


Federal Law Enforcement Training Center – Seized Computer Evidence Recovery Specialist
Paraben Corporation – Certified Handheld Forensic Examiner
Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists – Certified E-Discovery Specialist
Hennepin County Bar Association Ethics Committee – Investigator


Southern Police Institute – University of Louisville, Kentucky
National White Collar Crime Center – Glen Allen, Virginia
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Georgia


Client Work

Investigated non-compete cases, employee issues, frauds, embezzlements, family law, hacking and bank fraud

Consultant – Team Adam - National Center for Missing & Exploited Children – Rapid Response Team - Amber Alerts

Consultant – Necrosearch International – Aid to Law Enforcement in locating clandestine graves

Consultant – Search Foundation Inc. – Russia – Team member in search of Grand Duke Mikhail Romanov’s grave