Trent L. Leavitt

Digital Forensics & eDiscovery Manager

Trent Leavitt

I love to see the impossible become possible through people, technology and mindful solutions for our clients.


Since 2005, Trent has been providing computer forensics, cell phone forensics and eDiscovery solutions to his clients. While some may think of Eide Bailly as the tax and audit company, professionals like Trent round out the services the company provides. Whether he’s investigating intellectual property theft, assisting a law enforcement agency or sifting through cell phone data in a family law case, Trent’s goal is to uncover the truth for his clients. Trent also uses his knowledge as an adjunct instructor at Utah Valley University and has lectured at Brigham Young University and University of Utah law school.

When working with Trent, clients can expect a business professional with the ability to break down and relay complex technical terms and solutions in a way that they can understand. Trent is passionate not only in what he does, but also in the friendships and trust he fosters with his clients.

When he’s not in the office, you can find Trent at a ranch in Idaho, spending time outdoors with his wife and his four children. Growing up in southeastern Idaho, Trent has developed a passion for the outdoors, whether that means backpacking, hunting or fly-fishing. Trent spends the late winter months (Feb – Mar) creating maple syrup each year from the maple trees on his property.



  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Forensics and Digital Investigation – Champlain College, Burlington, Vt.


Client Work

  • Provided court expert testimony in various cases.
  • Lead criminal digital forensics investigations for multiple law enforcement agencies.
  • Provided digital forensic services in numerous civil litigation cases including, white-collar, family law, IP theft and more.
  • Cases include: commercial litigation, IP theft, fraud, homicide, bank robbery, family law and internal affairs, to name a few.
  • Instructor on mobile device forensics at Utah Valley University (2016 to present); guest lecturer at University of Utah Law School (2016); guest lecturer at Brigham Young University (2016, 2018); presenter at the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Luncheon (2017); presenter at the Utah Paralegal Association Annual Meeting (2017)


Community Involvement

  • Boy Scouts of America, Former Leader
  • Volunteered computer forensics services in more than 60 cases involving kidnapping and human trafficking.