Fasten your seat belts and fire up the Road Trip playlist, it’s Meet Eide Bailly Day: your pit stop on the journey to an exciting career!

Join our staff and partners during the heart of our busy season to set your sights on an accounting career and learn how working at Eide Bailly can put your passions in the driver’s seat.

Meet Eide Bailly Day is an interactive [live webinar/event] featuring trivia, giveaways, and Eide Bailly professionals from across the firm answering your questions on the spot.

Here’s a road map of the day:

  • Experience our culture
  • Learn how we strive for an innovative workplace
  • Outline the steps we are taking to ensure every one of our employees feels valued, comfortable and free to be their authentic selves
  • Discover growth and advancement opportunities
  • Find out more about the services we offer and industries we serve

We hope you enjoy the ride!

Contact for Questions:

Carrie Haugen