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Keynote: Blockchain, Cryptoassets and the Future of the Banking Industry

Ron Quaranta, CEO, Wall Street Blockchain Alliance

For several years now, blockchain technology and cryptoassets have dominated headlines with both hype and promise. From the solutions that the technology is meant to offer, to confusion about whether cryptoassets, including bitcoin, are even legal, multiple industries around the world have been struggling to understand what it all means for their future. In this session, attendees will be able to cut through this noise and learn what blockchain really is, and what the technology is designed to do. We will also discuss what blockchain means for regional and community banks and how to be connected and part of this evolution.

Innovation Panel

Moderated by: Ross Manson, Chief Innovation Officer, Eide Bailly

Eric Hardmeyer, CEO, Bank of North Dakota
Ron Quaranta, CEO, Wall Street Blockchain Alliance
John Waupsh, Kasasa

Eide Bailly Chief Innovation Officer Ross Manson moderated a discussion with thought leaders and industry innovators including CEO Ron Quaranta from the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance; John Waupsh from Kasasa, and author of the book “Bankruption”; and CEO Eric Hardmeyer from the Bank of North Dakota.

Of Ants & Digital Giants

John Waupsh, Kasasa

With 12,000 global fintech startups, the banking initiatives of the digital giants or GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon), and the Chinese fintech conglomerate Ant Financial all making deeper and deeper inroads into our industry, it’s easy to quickly lose touch on the latest developments. In this session, John Waupsh, author of “Bankruption,” will share the latest fintech news and examples of strategic adaptation for community financial institutions so you can make more informed decisions when you get back to your office.

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