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Keynote: Agriculture, Competition and Trade Wars

Dr. William W. Wilson, North Dakota State University, University Distinguished Professor and CHS Professor of Risk and Trading

World trade in agricultural products are under extreme stress. Markets, prices and trade are now more volatile than at any time in recent history. Government intervention in trade and marketing has escalated sharply and is far greater than what the industry is accustomed. This presentation describes the evolution of these trade interventions, particularly the Chinese trade war, but, also addresses the status of other trading regimes. The implications of these on prices, exports and stocks are discussed. Focus is on the upper-Midwest agriculture sector and potential outcomes will be presented.

Tax & Accounting Update

Eide Bailly

Tax Partner Jill Schneider will provide an update on key current tax developments relevant to the community banking industry and discuss tax planning strategies. Assurance Partner Shane Husar will discuss updates on the new lease accounting standard, revenue recognition and updates on the current expected credit loss model.

A CFO’s Playbook to Running on Data

Eide Bailly

Come see how CFOs in banking utilize Data Lakes and Data Warehouses to transform their business data from NoI (No Intelligence) to BI (Business Intelligence). Then see how those same CFO’s are leveraging data-driven decisions to make their banks performance-based.

Estate and Succession Planning - It’s Important for Business

Eide Bailly

Business succession planning can mean many different things to business owners. Partner Ramona Johnson will discuss some of the key concepts in successful business succession planning for owners of banks and bank holding companies and how they can plan and balance their personal estate and succession plans with their bank and bank holding company succession plans. Topics will include family ownership issues, shareholder to shareholder issues, continuity of control/management, pre-sale planning and other tax considerations, common planning pitfalls and more.

Planting Seeds for Success: An Ag Lending Update

Eide Bailly

Senior Manager Jeff Campbell and Manager Mike Schaefer will discuss current loan file review observations and regulatory expectations. Learn what to prepare for regarding current lending issues. Gain insight on how to deal with continuing agriculture lending challenges. Jeff and Mike will also discuss what concerns to look for in your lending portfolio.

How High is the Risk? Banking the Legal Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Industry: A Panel Discussion

Moderated by Eide Bailly

While banking and cannabis and industrial hemp has been a significant issue for years, it is becoming more widespread with cannabis and hemp legislation passing in more states. Hear about recent developments and key issues facing financial institutions concerning legal cannabis and industrial hemp, including the regulatory landscape, recent lawsuits against financial institutions, common pitfalls, and how some community banks are taking advantage of the growing opportunity to bank this emerging industry. Principal Ann Rockswold will moderate a discussion with panelists, Adam Maier, Stinson LLP, Rick Clayburgh from NDBA and Tracy Kennedy, Zimney Foster P.C.

Does a Merger or Sale Make Sense for My Bank?

Eide Bailly and Winthrop & Weinstine, P.A.

Partner Tim LeClair from Eide Bailly and Attorney Anton (Tony) Moch from Winthrop & Weinstine, P.A. will provide an overview an overview on M&A activity and the trends in deal pricing, and address bank succession planning. There have been more community banks engaged in succession planning, and inquiries from banks on what a merger with another community bank could do for their organization from a succession planning perspective. This presentation will include a brief overview of succession planning alternatives to assist you to stay independent, as well as considerations in the structuring of a merger transaction.


Keynote: Blockchain, Cryptoassets and the Future of the Banking Industry

Ron Quaranta, CEO, Wall Street Blockchain Alliance

For several years now, blockchain technology and cryptoassets have dominated headlines with both hype and promise. From the solutions that the technology is meant to offer, to confusion about whether cryptoassets, including bitcoin, are even legal, multiple industries around the world have been struggling to understand what it all means for their future. In this session, attendees will be able to cut through this noise and learn what blockchain really is, and what the technology is designed to do. We will also discuss what blockchain means for regional and community banks and how to be connected and part of this evolution.

Innovation Panel

Moderated by: Ross Manson, Chief Innovation Officer, Eide Bailly

Eric Hardmeyer, CEO, Bank of North Dakota
Ron Quaranta, CEO, Wall Street Blockchain Alliance
John Waupsh, Kasasa

Eide Bailly Chief Innovation Officer Ross Manson moderated a discussion with thought leaders and industry innovators including CEO Ron Quaranta from the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance; John Waupsh from Kasasa, and author of the book “Bankruption”; and CEO Eric Hardmeyer from the Bank of North Dakota.

Of Ants & Digital Giants

John Waupsh, Kasasa

With 12,000 global fintech startups, the banking initiatives of the digital giants or GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon), and the Chinese fintech conglomerate Ant Financial all making deeper and deeper inroads into our industry, it’s easy to quickly lose touch on the latest developments. In this session, John Waupsh, author of “Bankruption,” will share the latest fintech news and examples of strategic adaptation for community financial institutions so you can make more informed decisions when you get back to your office.

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