5 Ways to Set Your Fundraiser Partners up for Success

May 28, 2020 | Video

The Eide Bailly Resourcefullness Award acknowledges nonprofit organizations that have found success in their unique fundraising endeavors. Below are some key takeaways from one of our winning organizations, Feeding Our Communities Partners (FOCP), whose “Week 2 Feed” Challenge demonstrates vital ways you can set your business partners up for success when they work with you in your fundraising campaign.

Keeping a fundraiser as low-effort as possible for both the host and the donor is an excellent step towards running a successful campaign.

In the Week 2 Feed Challenge, businesses volunteer to partner with FOCP by hosting a Dipjar (a device set at a predetermined amount in which donors can “dip” their credit card to donate) with a customizable goal of funds they’d like to raise in a week. The profits go toward fighting hunger by providing meals to children in the local community. After hosting, a business can then challenge another local business to be the next Dipjar host for their own customizable “Week 2 Feed” fundraising amount.

The increase in gross-revenue from the FOCP campaign was $15,391. With only $1,133 in costs associated with running this campaign (mostly payment processing fees), the net revenue was $14,258.

Learn more about Feeding Our Communities Partners and what made their project rise to the top.

5 Ways to Set Your Fundraiser Partners Up for Success

  1. Make it easy!
    From setting up the display to receiving donations, this campaign was quick and easy. Businesses just needed to place their Dipjar device where people could see and easily access it. The device takes predetermined donation amounts, so the donor is able to quickly give and go on with their day. FOCP also provided their partners with marketing kits that contained the materials needed for the display. Keeping a fundraiser as low-effort as possible for both the host and the donor is an excellent step towards running a successful campaign.
  2. Be understandable.
    Think of the fundraiser’s display as the “elevator speech” of your campaign. You’ll only have a few seconds to get potential donors to understand the goal of your organization and how their donation can help your cause. The best campaigns don’t rely on the business hosting the fundraiser to give the explanation for them. Take the guesswork out of it by providing digestible information for your partners and donors. The “Week 2 Feed” marketing kits that were given to each host contained placards displaying fundraising goal levels represented by cartoon backpacks that the “dippers” could cross-off with a dry erase marker. This simple design communicated to the donors how many children they would be providing meals for, without the donors needing to ask for further explanation.
  3. Get creative!
    In preparation for the launch of the “Week 2 Feed” Challenge, the FOCP team recruited kids, a local DJ and business owners from the community to film a unique and memorable music video. This was a fun way to promote and explain the concept of the fundraiser, and it was easy for people to share on social media. There are so many different social media platforms that offer an endless way to creatively promote and stir anticipation for your event. Think outside the box and brainstorm unique ways you can add excitement to your campaign!
  4. Add an interactive and instantly rewarding component.
    If possible, create an interactive experience that a donor would want to partake in. In this example of the FOCP’s fundraiser, the Dipjars were colorful, eye-catching and presented a fun and easy task for the donor to do: “dipping” into the jar with their credit card. The person giving a donation is rewarded with the fun process of giving their money and then getting to cross off the backpack on the accompanying display board. They also can feel rewarded from the signage, which explains that a donation of a certain amount provides a certain number of meals for a child. Connecting the dots for your donors so they can feel good about their giving is key.
  5. Keep it flexible and sustainable.
    Flexible design can put your fundraiser in front of a wider audience. If the local business partners are able to set and design their own custom fundraising goal, it opens the door for businesses of various sizes and industries to be able to participate. In this instance, at the end of the week, the participating business challenges another local business to host a Dipjar. This adds another layer of sustainability to help the fundraiser be successful. Finding ways to get your fundraiser in front of a large and diverse crowd is a sure way to achieve your fundraising goal!

The Importance of Business Partners in Your Fundraising
Getting local businesses to partner with your organization and participate in your campaign can be extremely beneficial for both parties involved. The key is to take as much of the work off of their plate as possible, so they can have fun participating in and promoting your cause. A well-designed fundraiser with an easily understandable display and an interactive or creative component can make all the difference for your business partners to get your organization the donations it needs.

Creative, sustainable revenue generating initiatives are just one way to run your nonprofit well.

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