8 Key Elements for a Successful ERP Implementation


What to Know Before You Implement NetSuite ERP

Setting your business up with an ERP system can be a fragile process. Each step lays the foundation for the next. Shortchanging or rushing through any of them can turn what should be a beneficial business initiative into a fire-drill exercise in crisis management.

Here at Eide Bailly, we aim to make the implementation process as smooth as possible. No headaches, no stress, no issues – just results.

As a five-time NetSuite Partner of the Year winner, Eide Bailly has seen plenty of process implementations across organizations of all sizes. Our diverse experience makes it easy to get the most out of NetSuite and help your business grow.

In the below video case study, Craig Rasmussen, CFO of KURU Footwear, explains just how easy it was for him and his team to get through their NetSuite implementation with Eide Bailly by their side.

“They knew the right questions to ask - they've done it many times. They knew what areas to explore, what kind of questions to ask, what concerns to identify, and what opportunities to explore.”

Undergoing an ERP implementation in your business can be intimidating. So that’s why we wrote the article: “8 Key Elements for a Successful ERP Implementation.” Here we identify the most important things a business should know before moving to NetSuite. Give it a read and then let’s chat! We’d love to answer any questions you may have and discuss how a new ERP can improve your business. We want you to feel completely confident in your decision. And we’d love to help guide you through each step along the way.

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