North Dakota Tax Update

Course Description: Are you considering doing business or having employees in North Dakota? Have you had issues with your state tax filing? Join our state and local tax team for some helpful insights into North Dakota tax filings. This webinar will cover registration, various taxes, starting and closing a business, and other sales tax issues.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Identify necessary forms 
  • Review Pennsylvania filing tips and tricks 
  • Discuss tax issues for starting and closing a business
  • Review common state and local taxes in Pennsylvania

Stacey Roberts, CPA, Senior Manager 
Stacey has more than 18 years of public accounting experience in tax, with 16 of those years focusing exclusively in state and local taxation. She has experience with a variety of different entities and across various industries. Stacey assists clients in a variety of state and local tax areas including legal entity restructuring, state income tax filing methods, sales and use tax analyses and state tax provisions. 

Laura Robichaud, DBA, MBA, Senior Manager 
Laura has more than 8 years of financial and tax experience, four of which have been specifically focused on tax audits for the Arizona Department of Revenue. Laura has extensive knowledge of Transaction Privilege Tax and Use tax, as well as a variety of other state and local tax issues, across various industries. She is also proficient in Lean Six Sigma principals and business practices. 

Jennifer Edwards, Manager 
Jennifer has more than 17 years of experience in all areas of federal and state tax compliance. She assists mid-sized, multi-state companies with a variety of federal and state tax services, including income tax planning, income tax return compliance and support, and SALT services. Her specific SALT experience includes nexus studies, sales taxability analysis, voluntary disclosure agreements, sales and use tax consulting and sales tax audit support.

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