Course Recordings: Minimizing Fraud in Nonprofits

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Brenda Blunt, CPA, and member of our Exempt Organization Tax team, recently recorded two online courses about fraud for the American Nonprofit Academy. The academy is a nonprofit organization that “supports nonprofit sectors with mission-specific education and innovative online courses that IGNITE success.”

In “Protecting Your Nonprofit From Fraud” and “Overcoming a Fraudulent Event,” Brenda discusses risks of theft, embezzlement and fraud nonprofits face. These risks range from stealing cash at a special event to cyber crime. It is important to understand the fraud triangle—the pressure, opportunity and rationalization that can tempt almost anyone to commit fraud in any type of organization but especially nonprofits that often fall victim to the “Tender Trap.”

Brenda also discusses how to minimize the risk of fraud and how organizations can prepare to handle the discovery of a fraud event, including protecting the organization's most precious asset—its reputation and relationship with the community. Eide Bailly is pleased to be able to work with American Nonprofit Academy to share our expertise with the nonprofit community in this way. Friends of Eide Bailly can view both short courses (about an hour each) for free by clicking here and entering the code BrendaBlunt100 when asked to pay. If you would like more information about how to manage your fraud risk, please visit our Nonprofit industry page, or reach out to your local Eide Bailly contact.

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