Improve Your Cash Flow: Key Tax Considerations Related to COVID-19

The CARES Act, as well as other recent legislation and IRS guidance will impact a taxpayer’s past, present and future tax liability. Taxpayers need to understand how the new provisions impact them and what they can do about these impacts.

We recently discussed key tax impacts and how they may affect your organization.

What are the key tax considerations that I need to think about?
The CARES Act introduced several tax provisions that may impact organizations, including:

  • Employee Retention Credits
  • Payroll Tax Deferral
  • Qualified Improvement Property
  • Net Operating Losses
  • Interest Deduction Limitations

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Tax Landscape
Understanding the new provisions put into play by CARES and other legislation will be critical as you plan for future tax liability. Staying in the know will allow you to see how revised tax rules and potential changes will impact you and your business.

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