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Florida Tax Update

June 08, 2018

Are you considering doing business or having employees in Florida? Have you had issues with your state tax filing? Join our state and local tax team on a recorded webinar for some helpful insights into Florida tax filings.

This webinar will cover registration, various taxes, starting and closing a business, and other sales tax issues.

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In this Insight, we will outline the key provisions of the proposed Section 199A regulations and highlight considerations and concerns.
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As part of the Tax Reform Act of 1986, the “Kiddie tax,” a taxing regime designed to make the transfer of income items by wealthy parents to lower tax paying children less attractive, was implemented.
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Your tax liability will be affected depending upon whether your work is classified as an actual business or as a hobby.
June 25, 2018
Gov. Mark Dayton vetoed HF 947 on May 23, which was legislation intended to bring conformity between federal and Minnesota tax filings and while there were a number of other areas of interest included in HF 947, Minnesotans now are facing a somewhat…
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