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5 Basics to Securing Your Organization Against Cyber Crime: An eBook

July 18, 2017

We know that the most effective cyber security programs rely on much more than technical solutions to protect an organization’s information. In today’s environment, cyber security is a shared responsibility that includes all people, processes and technology controls.

Everyone in your organization plays a critical role in your cyber security risk management strategy. The best risk management programs take into account the right roles and responsibilities for everyone in your organization.

This eBook will outline:

  1. Who’s responsible for establishing safe security
  2. Transparency and independence
  3. How safe driving relates to staying safe online
  4. The risks of a mobile workforce
  5. How to take action and gain confidence in your organization’s cyber security (Hint: We can help.)

If you’re still wondering how cyber security could affect you or your organization, here’s a story. It starts with a countdown.

Three, two, one… zero. Time ran out for a mom-and-pop business. Ransomware did what it promised to do, wiping out the business files, leaving the owners unable to pay their staff and win big contracts.

THE MISTAKE: The business owners waited three days before telling anyone they were compromised. They didn’t pay the ransom so the hacker attacked their files.

Hackers care about quantity when they release ransomware—they don’t care who they hit. They’re simply hopeful that they hit businesses that will pay the ransom, regardless of the business size or type.

They called their IT provider, and when the IT provider investigated, they accidently spread the ransomware to the business’s only backups. Any chance of recovering their business data was lost.

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW: This could have been avoided if they had worked with Eide Bailly to prepare for an incident or set up other cyber protocols, like our Cyber Security Compass. Many tactics can be deployed preventatively and even in the moment, but you have to work with a specialist first to set up the proper procedures for your unique business.

This business could be operating right now instead of bankrupt and in court. Don’t hesitate. Educate yourself by completing the form below for immediate access to our eBook, where you’ll learn the five basics to securing your organization against cybercrime. 

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