Transitions for Sellers and Buyers of Dental Practices During a Pandemic


This second in our series of four courses on transitions of a dental practice will give both sellers and buyers a roadmap of the process of a sale, what each party should concentrate on to assure a smooth and successful transition, and all of the financial and tax ramifications of a sale. After attending this course, both sellers and buyers should leave with many tools to move forward as either a seller or a buyer regarding how the process works and the most successful ideas for a smooth and successful transition.

Learning Objectives
1. Things sellers should think about financially when planning to sell.
2. Thoughts for sellers about how the process of selling works and what to think about from a dentist who recently sold his practice.
3. Atmosphere for dental practice sales in 2021.
4. Outline what sellers should do to prepare for sale of their practice.
5. Guidance for buyers as to what actions they should take in preparing to buy a practice.
6. How are practices valued and what makes practices worth what they are worth?
7. Tax ramifications of the sale of a practice.
8. Working with banks, landlords and leases and brokers.
9. Can you sell your practice and work back as an associate dentist?

Art Wiederman, CPA, Director-Dental Division | Eide Bailly
For more than 35 years, Art Wiederman has specialized in serving dental practices in the Southern California area. He oversees a variety of professional services including accounting, tax compliance and planning, financial planning, retirement planning and financial practice management consulting. Art is a Senior Manager on Eide Bailly's team that specializes in serving dental practices.

Art’s expertise is not only in taxation issues for dentists, but also in knowledge of dental practice metrics and benchmarks. He has the ability to look at a dentist’s profit and loss statements and practice management reports and identify profit holes in the practice. In addition, Art is adept at buy-in and buy-out consulting, practice start-ups, compensation plan development, operation evaluations, and litigation support for dentists.

As an thought leader in dental practice accounting and financial management, Art is a regular lecturer at state, local and national dental conferences, dental societies and dental schools. He is a founding member of the Academy of Dental CPAs (ADCPA) and hosts the weekly podcast “The Art of Dental Finance and Management.”

Dr. Bogdan Madurowicz, Sales Agent and Transition Consultant
Dr. Madurowicz has 33 years of dental practice experience in San Diego. He has experience with buying and selling dental practices. Dr. Madurowicz is an experienced restorative dentist with a history of working in he real estate management industry. He is skilled in dentistry, dental office management, dental office transitions, property management and acquisitions. He has a strong focus on business development with a doctorate in dentistry from UCLA-School of Dentistry, a bachelors degree in biology from UCSD an a minor in psychology.

Additional Information: This is a Group-Internet Based Webinar. No prerequisites or advanced preparation required. For information regarding refund, complaint and program cancellation policies, please contact Amy DeGeorge.

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