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Innovative Business Strategies for Contractors: Wealth Planning - How Do I Create a Clear Plan for My Future

Course Description:
To get to where you are today you had a plan, to get to where you want to be tomorrow, you need a new one. Looking forward to retirement can involve making many complex choices. It's important to identify your goals & objectives to help prioritize what's most important to you. This session will address considerations vital to making the transition from the grind of running your business to the pleasure of planning your retirement.

Learning Objectives:
- Discuss answers to the questions, “when I can retire” & “how do I make sure I don't outlive my money”; It's different for everyone
- Explore what a plan for your wealth may look like and what leaving a legacy means
- Discuss strategies to organize the complexities of your financial situation
- Explore Eide Bailly's Wealth One tool

Paul Junek, J.D., CFP, Financial Services Wealth Planner
Paul brings a wide skill set to Eide Bailly as he works to relieve his client's stress by clarifying their financial future. He seeks to provide the peace of mind that only comes from having a clear picture of your goals and how you're going to achieve them. He provides comprehensive savings strategies to help clients maximize their employment benefits and provides balance to client's entire financial assets across various types of investments and strategies.

Katie Bickle, CFTA, J.D., Manager

Katie specializes in helping clients plan for their financial future. She analyzes clients' net worth and cash flow in order to advise on what steps should be taken to meet specific retirement goals. She also works with clients to create an estate plan that addresses their legacy goals and how they want their wealth to transition during and after their lifetime.
Event Description: The Innovative Business Strategies for Contractors Series has been created to offer free education and provide information on strategies that can help you save money, increase cash flow and comply with state and federal tax law.

CPE Information

CPE Credits: 1
Field of Study: Taxes
Level of Knowledge: Basic
Delivery Method: Web-Based Group Session

Additional Information:
No prerequisites or advanced preparation required. For information regarding refund, complaint and program cancellation policies, please contact Jason McKeever at 701.476.8773.

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