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Rural Health Clinic Revenue Cycle Focus

Course Description:
This webinar provides guidance on billing rules and regulations associated with the revenue cycle processes within the RHC. We will focus on the importance of identifying and resolving obstacles that may keep an organization from meeting goals for best practice benchmarks. Ensuring staff have current policies and procedures for charge capture, claim submission and the collection process ensures consistent, focused efforts in maintaining the accounts receivable.

Learning Objectives:

- Address policies and procedures which are key to the success of any revenue cycle process and holding staff accountable.
- Discuss the importance of timely account follow-up to claim submissions and the role that EDI plays.
- Distinguish between billable and nonbillable services and actions to be taken for account resolution.
- Explore options for benchmarking and meeting organizational goals.

Presenter: Deyon Suchla, Health Care Consulting Manager of Eide Bailly LLP
Deyon is a Health Care Consulting Manager with more than 25 years of experience in the health care industry. She also has more than 15 years of business office management experience in hospital, clinic and long-term care operations. Deyon's consulting and training is consistent with compliance guidelines established by Medicare and other third-party payers for both UB-04 and HCFA-1500 billing.

CPE Information
CPE Credits: 1
Field of Study: Accounting
Level of Knowledge: Basic
Delivery Method: Web-Based Group Session

Additional Information:
These are web-group seminars. No prerequisites or advanced preparation required. For information regarding refund, complaint and program cancellation policies, please contact Jason McKeever at 701.476.8773.

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