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Increase Cash Flow: Explore Available Deductions & Credits

Course Description:
Making sure your company has more money coming in than going out is one of the most important tasks of running and growing a business. This session will review the available deductions and credits that can help businesses increase cash flow.

  • Are you working to continually improve your existing products and services, as well as develop new ones?
  • Have you purchased, constructed or renovated a building within the past 15 years?
  • Have you increased a building's energy efficiency or constructed an energy efficient facility?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will benefit from this webinar.

Learning Objectives:
 - Identify how to qualify for R&D tax incentives
 - Discuss how to reduce taxes and increase cash flow through a cost segregation study
 - Review the 179D energy efficiency deduction

Joe Stoddard, CPA, Partner

Joe has 17 years of tax consulting experience providing services to a variety of industries. He helps clients benefit from R&D tax incentives (including federal and state credits) and regularly works with the IRS and state taxing authorities to support R&D tax incentives claims. He is a sought after R&D tax incentive resource, having written numerous articles and facilitated many presentations on the topic.

Steve Roark, CPA, Senior Manager
Steve has over 20 years of experience in financial management and analysis. Steve has worked with cost segregation for the last 12 years. He has Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit, as well as energy deduction/credit experience. He started working on R&D in 1994 and has extensive research and development tax credit experience. Steve has helped companies benefit from export tax savings via the IC-DISC.

Joe Sawatske, LEED, Senior Manager

Joe has more than 10 years of experience providing cost segregation services to a variety of industries, including manufacturing, retail, multifamily and hospitality. He has also facilitated energy efficiency deduction and credit studies on over 10 million square feet over the last 2 years and regularly presents on the topic.

CPE Information:
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Level of Knowledge: Basic
Delivery Method:
Internet Group Session

Additional Information:
These are Internet based seminars. No prerequisites or advanced preparation required. For information regarding refund, complaint and program cancellation policies, please contact Jason McKeever at 701.476.8773.

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