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Advisor Insights Series - Your Clients Have Earned It - R and D Tax Credits

Course Description: The R&D tax credits are federal and state credits designed to encourage US businesses to invest in research and development activity. As your clients work to continually improve their existing products and services, as well as develop new ones, they might qualify for a research and development (R&D) tax credit.

The federal R&D tax credit was enacted in 1981 to encourage companies to invest in innovation. Since then, the government has expanded the types of activities that qualify as R&D, allowing many companies to meet the criteria simply through their efforts to stay competitive. A major law change in 2015 opened the door for small- to medium-size businesses to take this credit. Business that qualify are usually involved with product development or improvement, process enhancement and/or software development. Join us for a webinar to learn more about R&D tax incentives and whether or not your clients may qualify.

Learning Objectives:

- Identify the different R&D tax incentives
- Discuss what is necessary for a company to qualify
- Outline the many benefits that can result from these types of incentives
- Discuss recent R&D tax incentive developments, including enhancements for small and medium sized businesses

Jim Donovan, CPA, Senior Manager

Jim has more than 15 years of tax consulting experience, including R&D tax incentives. He works with a variety of industries, including chemical, food, plastics, medical device and equipment manufacturing, technology, software, engineering, and life sciences. He helps clients benefit from R&D tax incentives, including federal and state credits, and provides assistance with IRS and state taxing authorities to support R&D tax incentives claims.

Chrystal Price, CPA, Manager

Chrystal has more than six years of public accounting experience, with five of those years specifically focused on R&D Tax Credit studies. She provides consulting services to help clients identify, compute, and document federal and state R&D tax benefits. Chrystal has experience working with numerous industries including manufacturing, technology, food science, and aerospace and defense.

CPE Information
CPE Hours: 1 Hour
CPE Category: Taxes

Additional Information:
These are live-group seminars. No prerequisites or advanced preparation required. For information regarding refund, complaint and program cancellation policies, please contact Jason McKeever at 701.476.8773.

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