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Tax Reform Update: What It Means For Your Business

Course Description:
Congress has passed the largest and most comprehensive tax reform legislation in the past 30 years. Businesses and individuals alike are trying to figure out the tax implications and what this means for them in their current situation and moving forward.

Join Eide Bailly and The Chamber for a Tax Reform Update exploring the key provisions, effective dates, how the current plan impacts you, possible action items and next steps. Eide Bailly panelists Lisa Chaffee, SuAnn Olson and Jess Nehl will discuss the current state of tax reform, identify business impacts and opportunities and review possible action steps. They will also cover the impact on estate planning and how local businesses are making changes based on the new legislation. 

Learning Objectives:

  • What's included in tax reform? 
  • What can I do now to save money? 
  • What deductions are available? 
  • What strategies do I need to consider? 
  • What am I not considering, that I should be?

Presenters: Lisa Chaffee, SuAnn Olson & Jess Nehl

Lisa Chaffee, CPA, Partner
Lisa helps nonprofits, small businesses and individuals with their tax and accounting needs. She's experienced in audit, payroll, reporting and compliance issues, and she is a frequent speaker at nonprofit-related seminars. If you work with Lisa, you can expect an experienced and client-focused experienced professional ready to meet your goals. Lisa has several specialties under her belt, and she has the experience you need to make the right decisions for your nonprofit or small business.

SuAnn Olson CPA, Partner
SuAnn works with complex partnerships and corporate clients. She also works with clients to address retirement and wealth preservation planning, and she advises start-up companies on software issues, choice of entity, compensation planning and accounting and tax issues. SuAnn also provides tax research services for businesses and individuals. Oil and gas and related services companies are an industry focus for SuAnn, and she serves on Eide Bailly's Oil and Gas Committee. When clients work with SuAnn, they can expect someone who is listening actively and who will strive to find the very best answers for their questions and concerns. She will look at your situation globally and provide recommendations that fit you as a person, your family or your business. Outside of her career, SuAnn is an avid reader and enjoys flower gardening. Each year, she tries her green thumb at a new plant! SuAnn and her husband participate in wagon trains and trail rides and look forward to cultivating that interest among their young grandchildren.

Jess Nehl, Tax Manager
Jess works with a variety of industries, including agricultural producers and small businesses to bring them tax planning, preparation and consulting services. Jess also develops and conducts internal and external training sessions.

CPE Information:
CPE Credits: 1.5 
Field of Study: Taxes 

Additional Information: 
No prerequisites or advanced preparation required. For information regarding refund, complaint and program cancellation policies, please contact Jason McKeever at 701.476.8773. 

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