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Summer Leadership Program - Denver

We want to help get you to the event! Meet at the Eide Bailly Denver Tech Center Office at 10:15 a.m. on Thursday, June 21. The Denver Office is located at 7001 E. Belleview Ave., Suite 700, Denver, CO 80237. Park your vehicle in the parking garage north of the building. Please grab a ticket when you enter the garage, we will validate parking. Leave your luggage in your car, we will check-in to the hotel in the afternoon.

If you have questions on transportation, please contact Amy DeGeorge at or 303.459.6749.

Hotel Accommodations

Hilton Garden Inn
7675 E Union Ave
Denver CO 80237
Hilton Garden Inn

Hotel Information: Located near Eide Bailly's Denver office in the Denver Tech Center, the Hilton Garden Inn offers guests warm hospitality, an inviting atmosphere and stylish accommodations for travelers of all kinds. The Hilton Garden Inn features wireless Internet, a Fitness Center and a Business Center.

Reservation Information: Reservations have been made and you will receive your room key on Thursday, June 21. All charges will be billed to Eide Bailly directly, so you will not need to check-in at the front desk of the hotel. 


Day 1
10:15 a.m.     Meet in the lobby of the Eide Bailly, Denver Office
10:30 a.m.     Office Tour
10:45 a.m.     Welcome Presentation
11:30 a.m.     Audit & Tax Overview Lunch with Department Heads
12:15 p.m.     Icebreaker
12:30 p.m.     Eide Bailly Services Fair
1:15 p.m.       Teambuilding Activity
3:15 p.m.       Professionalism in the Workplace
5:00 p.m.       Check-in to hotel
6:00 p.m.       Progressive Dinner

Day 2
7:15 a.m.      Meet at Eide Bailly, Denver Office
7:30 a.m.      Community Service Activity with Breakfast
12:30 p.m.    Client Panel Lunch
1:30 p.m.      Break
1:45 p.m.      Group Projects
3:00 p.m.      Group Project Presentations
3:30 p.m.      Recruitment, Feedback & Send-off

Dress Code
Day 1

When you arrive on Thursday, you can be in casual attire as we will have activities throughout the day where casual dress will be more appropriate. Acceptable dress for casual attire includes jeans, capri pants, college t-shirts, polo shirts, and tennis shoes. Not acceptable for casual attire are shorts, sweatpants, tank tops, flip-flops and hats. Feel free to show your school pride by wearing your college colors or apparel.

Day 1 - Evening
The dinner scheduled for Thursday evening will be business professional. This would include a suit, dress pants, a collared shirt, a blouse, etc. Not acceptable for business professional are jeans, t-shirts, khaki pants, golf shirts, tennis shoes, etc.

Day 2
Friday, plan to dress casually, as we will be doing activities that may get your clothes a little dirty. Acceptable dress for casual attire includes jeans, capri pants, college t-shirts, polo shirts and tennis shoes. Not acceptable for casual attire are shorts, sweatpants, tank tops, flip flops and hats.

Contact Information/RSVP
Name: Amy DeGeorge
Phone Number: 303.459.6749
Email Address:

Name: Kelsey Taylor
Phone Number: 303.459.6768
Email Address:

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