Insights : Seminar

Mythbusters Panel

Event Description:
Join the Estate Planners Council of Southern Minnesota for a Mythbusters Panel as we explore common myths facing financial advisors, valuation analysts, development officers, insurance agents, accountants, and attorneys. You’ve probably heard it all. Let’s get together to discuss and explore how we approach these and other common estate planning myths.


  1. Estate planning, I’m not rich enough.
  2. I’m too young for estate planning.
  3. If I die, my stuff goes to my spouse.
  4. My retirement accounts don’t need to match my financial plan.
  5. Aren’t all companies worth 5x EBITDA?
  6. I got married, that’s my estate plan.
  7. Minnesota is a no fault state.
  8. We have a formula in our agreement – we’re fine!
  9. I can self-insure to cover for everything.
  10. Bring your own myth to bust during the discussion. 

Event Details:
November 16, 2017
3:30 - 5:00 PM

Event Location:
Eide Bailly
1911 Excel Dr.
Mankato, MN

This event will also be simulcast.