From Hobby Business to International Company: The Story of Weave Got Maille

Case Study

In 2012, Edie Ramstad started a chainmaille hobby business in her living room in Ada, Minn. Now, that same business is a major international chainmaille supply manufacturing company shipping to over 75 countries in the world.

Weave Got Maille sells around 450,000 products, both wholesale and retail, with a customer base ranging from individual craftspeople to jewelry stores to major production companies. (Their biggest client? Game of Thrones.)

Weave Got Maille

Chain Maille

Growing from a hobby business to one of the top three chainmaille supply companies in the world, Weave Got Maille has experienced significant growing pains. One of their biggest challenges was understanding their accounting needs.

Without a collaborative relationship with their previous accountant, Edie was often left with more questions than answers. And in order to help her business grow, Edie needed to be in the business, not worrying about her accounting.

We have been able to help Edie understand the numbers of her business, including bookkeeping, payroll, and taxes, so that we can work together to help her meet her goals.

“Eide Bailly started just doing one thing for us, and then every time we had a need, Eide Bailly was there with the answer.”

Edie knows chainmaille, and we know the numbers. By helping her understand the numbers behind her business, we have freed her up so that she can focus on the future.

“If you want to grow, Eide Bailly is right behind you helping you every step of the way. They are paving the way for me so I don’t trip and fall over a stone I didn’t see.”

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